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HAVEN of the Dan River Region (HDRR)  provides shelter for all victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. The shelter is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Victims can call the agency phone number (434) 483-5482 and talk with the staff person on duty to arrange to come to the shelter, or call 911. 

The Shelter at HAVEN of the Dan River Region (HDDR) is provided for women and children.  Adult male victims will be provided shelter at an alternative site.

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Advocacy

HDRR provides support for victims in the community and in the shelter. An advocate can offer information about protection orders, services available in the community, and court procedures. The IPV Advocate can attend court with victims and works with the Victim’s Witness program at the Commonwealth Attorney’s office when needed.

Sexual Violence (SV) Advocacy

HAVEN provides support and services for victims in the community and in the shelter who have been sexually assaulted. The SV Advocate provides information and can accompany victims to court.  Trained volunteers can accompany victims to the hospital to have a PERK test.  HAVEN provides clothing for victims to wear home if their clothing is needed for forensic testing. We also provide hospital accompaniment through Centra Hospital.

Support Groups

Support groups are provided for victims of sexual assault (SA) and intimate partner violence (IPV).  Sexual assault groups are for Adults and children victims.  One-on-one support is also provided for victims and their families.  Anyone interested in attending a group should call or email the IPV Advocate or the SA advocate.

Crisis Line

A 24-hour crisis line is available to provide information and support to victims and the community.  All staff are trained to handle crisis calls.  For information about available services, support, or crisis assistance, call (434) 483-5482 or call the National Hot-line at (800)799-7233.

Community Education

HDRR has speakers who can attend churches, community groups, and other activities to speak about intimate partner and sexual violence as well as the services we offer.

We also provide activities in the community to educate and increase the awareness of citizens about the problems of intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

To make arrangements for a speaker, contact Detra Betts, HAVEN Executive Director.

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This wheel displays a pattern of behaviors that a perpetrator uses to gain and maintain power and control over another person. Although the pronouns in this diagram use she/her as the victim and he/him as the perpetrator, the behaviors can apply to any gender or sexuality.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these behaviors, please call 434-483-5482

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