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Our Story

In 2011, a group of concerned citizens gathered in Danville, Virginia to discuss the need for a shelter to house victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Both Danville and Pittsylvania County had been without a shelter for several years after a previous program closed.  Law enforcement and other service providers quickly realized the impact the lack of a domestic violence/sexual assault program had on the community.  

Through the efforts of many concerned citizens, law enforcement, service providers, and former victims, funds were raised to start a new program and to open a shelter for victims and their children.  A Board of Directors were put in place and a facility to house the shelter was located.  Volunteers from God’s Pit Crew, a local ministry program, donated materials and labor to completely renovate the facility.

In September of 2015, the Board of Directors hired the first Director of HAVEN.  In the following months, an Administrative Assistant, Sexual Victim Advocate, and night/weekend shelter staff were hired. The shelter opened it doors and started providing a safe shelter for victims in March of 2016.

My name is Kristie Powell and I am a victim of Domestic Violence. I am here to share my story with you and to let you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I also want to encourage victims to look for signs of abuse and to take preventative measures to ensure their safety. I encourage victims of Domestic Violence to reach out to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Agencies like Haven of the Dan River Region for intervention, support, and services designed to meet the needs of each individual.


My abuser beat me with the butt end of a rifle. He literally almost killed me, I had 9 staples in my head and 3 fractures in my back. He would often tell me that I was ugly, stupid along with other demeaning words. I finally made a decision to reach out for help by contacting Family Services, who referred me to Haven of the Dan River Region. I now know what Red Flags to look for and will never allow someone to abuse and degrade me again. I would like to thank Haven of the Dan River Region for helping me through a difficult time in my life and letting me know that I have a purpose in life. Thanks for allowing me to share my story and hopefully those who read this will realize that it is never too late to seek HELP?

Kristie Powell

Domestic Violence Survivor

Our Mission & Approach

To provide support to intimate partner and sexual violence victims and promote the end of such violence in Danville and Pittsylvania County.

HAVEN of the Dan River Region (HDRR) provides a comprehensive range of services for victims and their families in a caring and loving environment. Clients can decide the services that are right for them and, staying in the shelter is not a requirement for services.  Our clients may close their files with us at any time and return as they need to. Our support is never-ending.

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A Letter from the Board

The Board of Directors of HAVEN of the Dan River Region (HDRR) is composed of local community members committed to fostering the mission of HAVEN of the Dan River Region.  We will continue to offer hope and respite for all victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault victims and their families.  Our board is committed to providing safe emergency shelter and services for our clients and raising awareness of these issues.

We want to thank our dedicated staff for their tireless effort in supporting our mission of providing services to meet our client’s needs. Their devotion and compassion are endless, and we appreciate each of them.  The contributions they make to our agency and our community are remarkable.

Board members also thank the community for embracing our mission as well.  Your in-kind donations and generous financial support have allowed us to help many in our community; your generosity is second to none.  We look forward to strengthening and building our relationship with you and others.

We look forward to a time when women, men, and children will no longer need our services.  Until then, we ask that you follow us, join us, and support us as we perpetuate to make a difference in our community.

Sheila Baynes

Sheila Baynes

Our Executive Committee & Board of Directors

Executive Committee:  Sheila Baynes, Chairman   Tammy Warren, Vice-Chairman   Monica Anderson, Secretary  Sheila Williamson-Branch, Treasurer  Mike Mondul, Immediate Past Chairman

Board Members:  Jennifer Gregory, John Moody, Meeti Nigam, Robert “Bryan” Haskins,  Shelly Ashworth, Lashawn Farmer, John Gilstrap

Executive Director:  Detra Betts

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